Thursday, September 27, 2007


Pick A Purse is back.Listen at 7:10 everyday and we will tell you what hours you can pick a purse. Each purse contains something cool and in some cases you win the purse.
All qualifiers are eligible for a new toy in the driveway from Landers Ford. I'll take the f150 please or maybe the mustang.

SNACK ATTACK WINNER: CECIL SMITH AND ASSOCIATES..6800 poplar...We are bringing the Bogies yum yum. You can win too. Check us out under snack attack.

WinRon's Money: no winner yet. Todays question > what is the main liquor in a Tom Collins? answer....GIN. She said Vodka.

see ya friday. Go Tigers tonite.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bionic Woman Rocks Ron Olson

Well kinda. We talked to Lucy Hale(from memphis). She is the daughter of the Bionic woman. How cool for her. You can hear her interview on our ron and karen website.
See how beautiful Lucy is...WOW. Bright future for this memphian. see photo

This weekend will be perfect for outdoor stuff. High's in the eighties and no rain.
Check out the blues ball or the taste of the town sunday at the agricenter. 40 restaurants serving up their goodies. Plus a silent auction for Make-A-Wish.

Golf sunday morning at Galloway.

Morning mindbender: 13per cent of people say they do this just once per year. What is it? ANSWER: clean under the bed.

Karen cleans under her bed once a year. What does that say out loud?
That's why I've never been invited to her house.

ron olson...your pal

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Favorite Movies dominate 8am hour

Boy did we get lots of calls about your favorite movies>
Mine are as follows
1)Shawshank Redemption
2)The Last of the Mohicans
3)The Gladiator

Karen loved
1) willy Wonka
2) Jungle Fever
3) Catwoman
weird list but you can't judge a person by their favorite movie list

Morning Mindbender: This invention has caused more fights between couples than any other..what is it? answer: credit card

Blues ball this weekend: saturday night downtown at the Westin. Get ready.
Tigers on the road at ASU thursday. Good Luck I smell defeat from here.

What I really Love....OREO COOKIE PIZZA. see photo

Monday, September 24, 2007


Things men can't do?
FOLD fitted sheets> impossible
Fold towels> impossible
Put clothes in hamper>impossible
take dishes from sink to washer>impossible

MONDAY MINDBENDER: The average person does this 70 times a day? answer: complain

BRITTANY in trouble again; But still looks good to daddy.
see ya tuesday

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pat Monahan rocks morning show

Do Not miss Pat Monahan on the friday morning show.
We got to talk with him and hear a couple of songs
with him and his guitar. Great sound. exclusive for fm 100 folks friday morning
see photo

Also "Last Comic Standing" Winner...John Reep. Very funny with some behind the scenes scoop on the show. see photo

Movie Mom joins us friday and Coach ken Demetriou has high school football picks

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Funny Morning Show just got FUNNIER

Today was a blast. Loved comdedy guru. Brian regan.
He'll be at the orpheum sunday night. Don't miss it.
See Photo.

Tomorrow more comedy...ta da..the winner of THE LAST COMIC STANDING.
see photo.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heroes Star Shops At What's Hot

Wow look at this> thanks to Ricky Kauerz. He snapped this photo of
Hayden Panettiere shopping at What"s Hot in Germantown. Thanks ricky
for the photo. I hope she looks this good next week on NBC.

Best Cheese burger: It's National cheeseburger day. suggestions from callers
1)Shelby forrest general store
2)Steakhouse cheeseburgers
3)Red Robin
4) Westside covington tn
5)Tipton post office Bar B Q
6)Pete n Sam's
7)The Arcade downtown
8) Bradleys in germantown

I really like the cheesburgers from Interim at poplar and mendenhall.
I also love Tops Bar B Q...killer cheeseburger.


have a great day.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Did you see this cat? He was found in the Audobon Park lake at the michael McDonald
show last friday night. Whats being dumped in that lake? I've heard of catfish before but this is nuts....see photo.

Bo duke from the dukes of hazzard joins us tomorrow on the show..yes that Bo from the TV show DUKES o Hazzard. see photo

Tuesday win Ron's Money at 8;10am .
Listen for emails at 8:30am
Plus more on OJ SIMPSON and Hannah Montana

Friday, September 14, 2007


1) COOPER YOUNG FESTIVAL. Where is it. Cooper and young streets. see photo.

2) Michael Mcdonald tonight at the botanic gardens
3) Football...UT vs. Florida...Arkansas vs. Alabama...Memphis and some school I've never heard of.
4) Golf: big creek and Glen Eagle at the navy base.
5) Zoo only $500 each. thanks ..I don't think thats quite enough to see a couple of panda bears.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


WoW. Is hannah ever popular. You can win tickets everyday this week. Listen for clues to be a winner. Tickets on sale saturday.

Yesterday the food bank golf tournament was a huge success but got a little wet.
Tons of money raised for the best program in the area. You should get involved with them if you are looking to help Memphis. Ask about their backpak program.

Biggest loser on tonite. Last years winner was on with us today. He lost 200 plus pounds...Eric Chopin. Watch for him tonite.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Brittany Dazzels Millions

Good morning.
I actualluy loved her look and thought the outfit was perfect for the night.
Karen says..."Brittany is back big time". She is always fun to watch. check out photo.

Today special guest denise austin and Botanic garden bound Michael Mcdonald.

MOST annoying way to alienate Coworkers? Stinky food. Cooking weird junk in the microwave....

see ya tomorrow. tell a friend

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


The Plush Club on beale has got it going on. Joey Dorsey is in a bunch of trouble. It's always something with the Tigers. I bet he gets out of this somwhow. What's a coach to do? He can't stay with them 24-7? here's a photo from last weekend at the Plush Club.

four interesting places to meet a date?
1)Dog Parks
2)Seminars and Conventions
3) sporting events...including paint ball parks. Tiger football.
4)A home improvement chain

Best Food for kids every morning.....? Oatmeal (love it)
Worst food for the children? chicken nuggets (sorry Kelly Clarkson)

Party Time: tonight music from "Yes No Maybe"..sushi from Wally Joe at the brooks museum...6-8pm...$5 to get in I think...and $25 for the sushi special. lessons and a great movie. Perfect date night or girls night out.

Go at ASU in Jones boro

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

labor day is done! hello regular world

Hey now. I had a great getaway weekend at Heber Springs Arkansas.
Trout fishing,Football watching, bird and deer watching, cooking out with my friends and enjoying the sweet taste of bourbon watching the sunset.

I have also entered the Cleburn county fair photography contest.
we should have results soon. I'll publish my photo's soon on this fabulous blog of mine.

Today's show...great Email from Gwen in Southaven...She had to choose between and "Hot GUY" and the "NICE GUY". Lots of calls. Tough decision.

CNN gave out the "OBIT" list. Its the list of folks that are probably going to die next. They are ready with their life stories as soon as it happens. On the list-
Lindsay Lohan, Abe Va Gooda, and number one.....Dick Clark.

Dream Jobs for women....Number one....Godiva taste tester and working with Ron Olson. Karen called that one in. She is so sweeeeeet, when she has a little sleep.

Tennis tonite.I play for the championship of the breakin and entering club on ridgeway.
Wednesday....the Brooks first Wednesday party tomorrow night. 6-8pm. Bigtime Fun.