Thursday, August 30, 2007

ratings soar..fm100 morning show rocks

Well more good news...the ratings continue to grow thanks to you.
big time thanks from all of us. I know you're thinking how did that happen? Its because we have a loyal army of listeners that are giving us tons of time listening. The show is only as good as the callers. We love your opinions and thoughts about every subject that comes down the pike.
I think the music is really on right now. Love the new stuff from Emerson Hart,Pussycat Dolls,Maroon5,Pat Monahan and Rhianna.

Go Tigers...LSU and University of Memphis. I can't wait for football.Listen for Tommy West on the show tomorrow. We played a little trick on him.
Matchbox 20 on the show Friday morning.

see ya

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

drivers gone crazy

there are several types of drivers that drive you crazy. there's the BRAKING MAN...the QUEEN of NICE.....the LOOKEY LOOS...The BLINKER MAN....etc. thanks for all the calls...

John Ford doing 5 and a half years...I predict he'll be at the cupcake federal facility at millington. You'll see him raking the bunkers at Glen eagle golf course next month.

Labor day weekend is upon us...I'm heading to heber springs to hang out with nature and do some trout fishing. I can't wait.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

new diet rocks world

A friend of mine has a new diet idea.Tell someone that you are going to meet them for dinner and don't show up. You save a lot of money and don't eat either. Novel idea. Call some friends and tell them you will meet them for dinner and then don't show up. I promise you will drop the pounds quickly.

today miss Teen South Carolina was the big hit..check out her out on our web site under things you missed.
Michael vick said he was sorry.
Senator john ford gets his prison time today.

The New bridge was shut can see why is this photo.
wow I'm glad they closed it. it looks dangerous to me.

Have fun. we do. see ya at 5;30

Monday, August 27, 2007

killer monday feels like friday


What a day....we woke up to find out shocking news about owen wilson. Sources claim he tried to end it all>>>why
see photo (this is when he was a guest on our show last year)

The lion king rocks....killer show don't miss it. Here's a shot of the star of the show.

More fun department;WIN RON'S MONEY; HAD YOU KNOWN IN WHAT PART OF THE BODY THAT YOU WOULD FIND THE SMALLEST BONE?You would have won 29 dollars from me.
see ya...go tigers.

Friday, August 24, 2007

fabulous friday

We had fun on the air today with "the facts of Life" tv show. It was born on this date in 1979.Who was your favorite character on the show? I vote "tootie" hands down. She taught me a lot about life. Jo was crazy...a full blown nut. Remember you take the good...
you take the bad..that's THE FACTS OF LIFE...see photo.\

This weekend I'll be wolfchase nissan saturday 2-4pm
sunday golf at galloway and the navy base.

Monday: hot for teacher and the five secrets you should never tell your spouse.
enjoy the weekend..ron olson

Thursday, August 23, 2007

thursday's are the best

I love me some thursday. What a great day. I guess cause you can see friday from here.
Today we talked about the expression" that's not fair". we heard plenty of examples about what's fair and what's not. We all still use the expression a bunch. Lesson ain't fair so deal with it".

We also played the POWER of THREE game. Its like the POWER OF TEN game with Drew Carey. In todays game we found out that Karen has had a hickey,failed a class and never been arrested. buttttt..Brett the wonder pony has seen the inside of a jail cell. I guess we should have checked his credentials better..check out his arrest photo.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

hey bloggers what's up

Today was a fun day on the radio fm100 style.
NEW GAME; win Ron's money...had you known the year Kurt Cobain checked out you might have picked a smooth $49 bucks. We'll do it again on Friday.
What look is hot for guys? what look do the ladies love on a guy?
"Mens Health" magazine said the number #1 look was a man in a white tshirt...#2 pin stripe suit #3 blazer.
Several callers liked any man in uniform and handy man in a tool belt. Go figure.

A ventriloquist won on America's got talent last that sad or what?

we also talked with Jason stathan, the star of Transporter one and two, Snatch, The Italian job and the new jet li movie"war". See photo.

tomorrow check out Wasabi din din deals...spend 25 and get fifty in return...I love sushi..see photo